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Extra long strands continue to make headlines like the Kardashians, Selena Gomez, Rihanna and many others. The “Cher hair” look, used by the singer in the 1970’s and 1980’s, passes an image of elegance “without effort.”

To follow the trend without having to wait for the hair to grow so much, for women with short hair who want to change the look quickly and for those who have thin hair and without volume the capillary extension is a great request.

Here at the EC Hair Salon the procedure is performed using the techniques Italian knot, Redinha and Keratin, made with natural hair carefully chosen to match the tone of your hair.

Although it looks beautiful in a few hours, the hair extensions also require care and maintenance. Moisturizing elongated hair is extremely important to give nutrients to the hair that the body can not provide. The ideal is to do hydration twice a week and be careful when washing and combing, not leaving the head tilted down to prevent the threads from getting pregnant.

Elongated hair can also be stylized with plaid and babyliss, but one should always remember to use thermal protector to protect the wires before. Care must also be taken not to melt the glue used between the threads, for this it is necessary to maintain a distance of at least three fingers between the point that joins the natural threads to those of the elongation.

You should not hold your hair too tight when it comes to making ponytails, coke or other hairstyles so that when pulling the hair fibers are not broken, damaging the wires.

To keep it beautiful and last longer, stretching must receive adequate maintenance continuously, and can be done monthly or every three months. Another good tip is to make a loose braid to sleep and use a silk pillowcase.

What’s up? Ready to have long, beautiful hair like Rapunzel’s? We are waiting for you at the EC Hair Salon!

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