Get inspired in hairstyles to celebrate the Christmas dinner with the family, no matter if it will be more intimate or glamorous, this is one of the most important date of the year and deserve a special production! As it is a more traditional day, opt for classic and romantic hairstyles and at the same time with elegance will be the ideal options. Braids, bows, accessories…Do in moderation and without losing the minimalism.

– Classic hairstyles

If you do not want to take risk in choosing the style, the most classic style it’s a good option. Bows can be used in simple versions and even those super tall and modern. If you want a more bare and modern look, let loose a few stands and leave them slightly.


The ponytails also appear here, in the classic class! If used correctly and tidier, there is not mistaking it! Escape from day to day without fear of error and simple,  just leave a volume on the top of the head, texturize a few threads and ready, left  the look more current and glamorous for a ponytail.



– Romantic hairstyles

Talk of romanticism, you already think of…only braids, of course! It goes hand in hand with feminity and leaves the look more sweet without losing the glamour. For Christmas in the company of family members, keep the wires aligned it’s more casual style.


The semi inmates are also great options to celebrate at home or anywhere.



– Accessories to increase the look

If you want to use accesories to increase the look, tiaras, ribbons or handkerchiefs are more delicate and guarantee a delicate touch for the look, perfect if you do not have much time to invest in more elaborate hairstyles.