Today’s post is an inspiration coming straight from the catwalks to styling the hair. In this season the ponytail returns to be the protagonist, along with the hair drained back with air of “wet”. Check it:
 In the Christopher Kane parade, the makeup and hair followed the minimalist style, the tip to reproduce the hairstyle is to spray water and apply a small amount of wet liquid gel from the root to the nape and comb back. Attention to the chosen comb: the distance between the teeth defines the design of your look. Finish with gloss spray.
 The back-wove hair was also present at the Baja East Fall / Winter 2017 parade. The stylist separated two strands behind the ears, applied gel and used the dryer to fix the hair back.
 The sophisticated look of the Carolina Herrera parade can be reproduced in an easy way: just clip the hair and divide it sideways. Use a thin catch to make the ponytail too low. Apply spray to secure and make sure no wire is misaligned.
 The ponytail got an interesting twist on the Balmain parade. Incorporate three braids that start from the root and end at the nape of the neck with the low ponytail and wrap a small wick to hide the elastic, securing it with a clamp.
 The model’s hairstyle in the Jenny Packham parade was made using mousse and hair dryer to give texture and volume to the hair. The curls were on babyliss’s and the fringe was twisted to the ends so that she could find the other strand in the back of her hair and joined with small knots. The hairstyle was finished with spray to fix everything in place.
 Reproduce the glamorous look of the Brandon Maxwell parade: use a thick babyliss to make waves and add dry shampoo to give volume to the locks. In the root pull with a thin comb back and to fix everything in place use spray.
How about adopting a catwalk style for your next event? Count on the EC Hair Salon to be part of your beauty team!
With the change of season, new trends emerge and when it comes to nail art it is no different. For this fall, designs with nudes and minimalist shades, geometrism and matte finish enamels come back with everything. Check out some inspirations to take the next time you visit the manicure:
 Geometric – designs with various colors always look more chic when done in neutral tones.
 Negative Space – to reproduce this style you only have to paint the half moon (bottom corner of the nail), or leave it alone.
 Matte + shine. The combination of enamel of different finishes in the same color creates a discrete yet interesting composition!
 Minimalist style – paint an element on just one nail or a discrete detail on all of them.
Just a touch of sparkle – Whether in the mid-moon or just the nail tips, this nail art is easy to reproduce and yet discreet, leaves your nails elegant.
Golden lines – nails in nude tones continue high, add golden lines to modernize the look.
Do not be afraid to leave your comfort zone the next time you go to the salon, although they are more sober and minimalist, the nail arts of this season do not have anything basic, complete their look making everything even more interesting.

Extra long strands continue to make headlines like the Kardashians, Selena Gomez, Rihanna and many others. The “Cher hair” look, used by the singer in the 1970’s and 1980’s, passes an image of elegance “without effort.”

To follow the trend without having to wait for the hair to grow so much, for women with short hair who want to change the look quickly and for those who have thin hair and without volume the capillary extension is a great request.

Here at the EC Hair Salon the procedure is performed using the techniques Italian knot, Redinha and Keratin, made with natural hair carefully chosen to match the tone of your hair.

Although it looks beautiful in a few hours, the hair extensions also require care and maintenance. Moisturizing elongated hair is extremely important to give nutrients to the hair that the body can not provide. The ideal is to do hydration twice a week and be careful when washing and combing, not leaving the head tilted down to prevent the threads from getting pregnant.

Elongated hair can also be stylized with plaid and babyliss, but one should always remember to use thermal protector to protect the wires before. Care must also be taken not to melt the glue used between the threads, for this it is necessary to maintain a distance of at least three fingers between the point that joins the natural threads to those of the elongation.

You should not hold your hair too tight when it comes to making ponytails, coke or other hairstyles so that when pulling the hair fibers are not broken, damaging the wires.

To keep it beautiful and last longer, stretching must receive adequate maintenance continuously, and can be done monthly or every three months. Another good tip is to make a loose braid to sleep and use a silk pillowcase.

What’s up? Ready to have long, beautiful hair like Rapunzel’s? We are waiting for you at the EC Hair Salon!

The eyebrow is the frame of the look, if it is well done you can lift it and value it, so in today’s post we brought some tips to keep them beautiful.

1 – Your eyebrows have this shape for a reason, they match your facial structure. This means that you should not completely modify them from their original format.

2 – The hair growth cycle in this region differs from the growth of hair strands. They are born, grow and fall in a period of approximately four years. This cycle is repeated 20 times in the course of life not exceeding 0.2 cm per month. When you remove one, it risks not being born again, which can compromise the aesthetics of the eyebrow, so the importance of choosing good professionals to take care of them.

3 – If you have compulsion to remove each fur as they grow it can interfere with the growth cycle and end with the failed eyebrow, if the damage has already been done move away from the tweezers, let the yarn grow and look for a reliable professional To make the design.

4 – The eyebrow hairs also whiten with age, rather than removing them a good option is to dye them to give expressivity and volume while looking.

5 – For eyebrows already damaged by excessive depilation or with few hairs, a technique widely used that maintains the natural appearance of the threads is microblading, which corrects the defects with a pigment applied to the dermis (the most superficial layer of the skin).

6 – Use specific eyebrow products when it comes to makeup and avoid leaving them marked at the beginning, as this will make your face heavy and artificial. Scrub or wipe the top of the eyebrow so it does not get too strong.

7- The eyebrow design is done following the natural design of the hairs, changing the factors that prevent them from being more expressive or that are not in harmony with the face. A good professional will evaluate the format that most value the look, respecting your face type.

Before opting for the best method, always talk it over with your trusted professional and make sure you get the result. Here at EC Hair Salon we have experienced and qualified professionals in the latest techniques, after all part of a beautiful face is undoubtedly a well made eyebrow and aligned to the shape of your face.

Each face has its particularity, the right haircut can enhance, highlight the best features and lengthen the silhouette, so a poorly made cut can bring bad aesthetic results and highlight imperfections. The bangs are a subtle change that can make allt he difference in the look, but you should observe your hair type and face shape to match with you and enhance your beauty even more, so in today’s post we brought tips to inspire your next appointment to the salon.

Straight long strip

This type of bangs, the trademark of the actress Zooey Deschanel, is characterized by long and bulky yarns that almost cover the eyes and reminiscent of the 60’s. It can bring joviality or leave the look very childish, depending on the style of the person. Ideal for women with the oval face. It can accentuate expression marks, due to the shadow that forms on the face and evidence the round shape of the face of some women.

Bangs above eyebrow

Also called “baby bangs” can give a bold and alternative touch to the look and frame the face. Great bet for those with a square or rounded face. Align the silhouette by leaving part of the forehead on display. It should be avoided by owners of very large locks.

Curtain strip

This bangs is the most democratic and does not ask for much maintenance. It is characterized by the irregular shape that starts smaller and gets larger in the outline of the face. It can be used by women with a thin face or large forehead, since the irregularity of the wires leaves the facial shape more harmonic and less elongated.

Asymmetric strip

Defined by having a smaller side while the other is a little larger, it leaves the look romantic yet modern. Great for most face shapes, especially ovals or squares. It is versatile by allowing “hide” the bangs by changing the hair aside.

Curly bangs

Who has curly hair can wear bangs, yes! The look reminiscent of the 80’s and is on the rise. The cut can help disguise details such as fine lines or small eyebrows, as well as accentuate the cheekbones and eyes.

 Many women have taken on the natural texture of their hair thanks to the popularization of the so-called “hair transition”. In addition to empowering curly hair owners, getting rid of hair straightening chemicals can do the wires well. Despite the advantages of having the curls back, going through the transition process is not at all easy. The hair has two different textures and the natural part tends to leave the root higher than the smoothed part, making it difficult to store the hair in the day to day.
 If you are willing to have your natural locks back know that it will take a lot of patience and willpower not to surrender to straightening again. Understanding that each hair has a different growth time is important so you do not put a deadline at the end of your transition and discourage yourself if you do not reach it.
 Choosing a hairstyle that helps disguise the difference between natural and straight hair and make texturizing to shape curls with the help of creams are tips that work, because at this stage it is necessary to avoid to the almost abuse of the hair iron and dryer that leave the hair even more fragile and prone to breakage.
Some women prefer to shorten the process and cut the hair to remove the part with chemistry, is the so-called “big chop” or large cut. This cut can modernize the look, but also requires care to stay in line. Choosing a chopper or not, having a professional accompany your transition helps you discover the best products and care for your type of yarn, and strengthens the root for your new hair to grow healthy.
 The ideal is to come to the salon to hydrate the hair weekly and do reconstruction every 15 days to recover the hair and restore the fluids and nutrients that the hair needs to have brightness, softness and life. Count on the EC HAIR SALON team to have beautiful hair with or without chemistry.
Summer inspires lighter tones in clothes, makeup and especially hair, just the weather warms up to see our favorite celebrities clear the locks. Resisting the urge to reproduce the wonderful blond tones in one’s own hair is not an easy task, but it is necessary to discolor and if your hair is not healthy it can get damaged. Invest in the health of your wires by moisturizing weekly and using products that protect from the sun and heat from the dryer, flat iron or baby liss.
What about escaping the platinum and betting on dark blond tones to lighten the hair with minimal damage and still modernize the look? The dark blond has a broad spectrum of tones and so it works for all types of hair and skin. Much like the “bronde” (junction of the words Brown and Blonde) the dark blonde can present different nuances, from Shades tighter to light brown, even the most golden and illuminated, being dyed all over or in the form of wicks, ombré or Californian, everything depends on the desired result.
Get Inspired!

Recently, colors and glitter have invaded the clothes, hair, makeup and nails. The unicorn trend has gained space in the beauty market and promises to continue like this season. The horse-shaped mythological animal is synonymous with cuteness and gives a magical and playful touch to productions that are characterized by the colors of the rainbow in pastel shades. To follow the trend abuse of colorful illuminators, shimmering shadows and holographic brightness. The colors that predominate are purple, blue, pink, yellow and green, accompanied by gold and silver.

Draping (the technique of extending the shade to the temples and the side of the forehead) is present in most of the makeup of this style. The brilliant freckles in star shape are glued with false eyelashes glue and also accompany the trend.

The colored mouth is modern thanks to the glazed cover, which can be reproduced with transparent gloss applied over a sparkling illuminator.

Glitter particles of different sizes can also be used over a neutral shade to make an even brighter look.

But make no mistake, the trend is not only being used by teenagers, big brands like Chanel, bet on the coloring in the makeup of the models in their parade of autumn 2017. Although unconventional unicorn makeup enhances the face and gives a fun and magical touch to day to day. So, would you use it?


With the arrival of summer, nothing better to unite beauty and practicality when it comes to hair. While some women prefer to cut their locks, others bet on braided hairstyles to keep them cool and comfortable in the hottest season of the year. Check out some inspirations:
Fishtail halo braid

To do this hairstyle divide the hair into two parts and trance the “spine” in each one. Secure the ends with transparent elastic and cross them over the head so that the braid on the left passes to the right and vice versa. Fasten the ends with clips and conceal them by loosening the braid slightly.

Boxing braid

Versatile styling, to do it is necessary to divide the hair in the middle and begin to braid from the root to the tips.

Mohawk Braid

This punk-inspired hairstyle from the 1980s has been used by many celebrities and promises to keep rising this summer. To do it, separate the part of the hair that goes from the fringe to the beginning of the nape of the neck and begin to braid adding a little more hair until braiding everything that was reserved. To finalize lock it in a ponytail.

Braided Waterfall

Great for anyone who wants to wear loose hair or who has short hair. The braided cascade is made by separating a not very thick wick at the top of the head and dividing them into three parts. Next it is due to each braided loosen the wick from below and pull more hair.

Hair Bun with braid

Very practical and perfect hairstyle for “bad hair day”. To do it turn your head down and separate three strokes from the nape of the neck. Trance them by adding more hair to each braid. Do this until you reach the height you want to make the bun and fasten everything with a rubber band.

She is already hit on the internet, but is dividing opinions among women. Finnish makeup artist Stella Sironen has posted a photo on her profile displaying eyebrows combed in a way that mimics the design of bird feathers. Could you adhere to this fashion?

If you liked fashion, we’ll explain how to make eyebrows that way! The first step is to apply stick glue in the middle of each eyebrow. Then just comb your hair in opposite directions up and down. To finish, apply eyebrow wax so that the hairs do not leave the place.

According to Stella, the unusual eyebrow was a joke she made with her friend, but the crowd liked the proposal and the style began to viralized with the hashtag #featherbrows.

Will the novelty replace the brightness wave?