She is already hit on the internet, but is dividing opinions among women. Finnish makeup artist Stella Sironen has posted a photo on her profile displaying eyebrows combed in a way that mimics the design of bird feathers. Could you adhere to this fashion?

If you liked fashion, we’ll explain how to make eyebrows that way! The first step is to apply stick glue in the middle of each eyebrow. Then just comb your hair in opposite directions up and down. To finish, apply eyebrow wax so that the hairs do not leave the place.

According to Stella, the unusual eyebrow was a joke she made with her friend, but the crowd liked the proposal and the style began to viralized with the hashtag #featherbrows.

Will the novelty replace the brightness wave?

Will be who has curly hair can cut short? Of course! If you have bunches you can invest in pixie cut, long bob or even finge! This tendency came to liberate and beauty women with this type of hair.

Closed and defined bunches require layered cuts to gain weight and trim. To achieve a good result, it is important to find a professional that is in accordance with your style.

One of the most sought-after cuts of the moment are those that have the shorter part of the back and with bigger sides, the long bob, that also works.

Another option is the classic Chanel, which never goes out of style.

To define the curls, a good option and use light finalizers, only to moisten slightly and the yarns form defined curls, but with lightness. Forget the ointments because they weight in the visual. For more defined curls, bet moisturizing with coconut oil, which moisturizes the hair.

If you want to dare, this trend will make your The rainbow hair and, in fact, the mix of colors inspired by the rainbow that varies in the stronger tones and also in the pastels. The main choices for colored threads are pink, blue, green and yellow.

You probably already know, but it is always good to remember: discolor or dye the fixed ones and an aggressive procedure and, therefore, it is necessary to choose a professional of trust.

If your wires are dark, the first step is remove them for the color fantasies to be applied to the hair. Before discoloring the hair and apply the coloration on the wires and essential to make the wicks test. With it, it will possible to predict how the bleach and dye will react in the hair before the products are applied throughout the hair.

There is no rule: wicks can be made vertically, horizontally and even diagonally, which is worth and your taste. There is also no rule regarding the choice of colors: you choose the colors that match you most. But know that the pastel colors are the colors that are high.

But if you want a rainbow hair, know that the colored dye fades easily. Therefore, to prolong the effect on the hair, make weekly moisturizing, with creams and treatment mask, C. If you have discolored your hair before applying the fancy colors, include in your routine of care the reconstructive treatments.