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Braids for summer

Braids for summer


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With the arrival of summer, nothing better to unite beauty and practicality when it comes to hair. While some women prefer to cut their locks, others bet on braided hairstyles to keep them cool and comfortable in the hottest season of the year. Check out some inspirations:
Fishtail halo braid

To do this hairstyle divide the hair into two parts and trance the “spine” in each one. Secure the ends with transparent elastic and cross them over the head so that the braid on the left passes to the right and vice versa. Fasten the ends with clips and conceal them by loosening the braid slightly.

Boxing braid

Versatile styling, to do it is necessary to divide the hair in the middle and begin to braid from the root to the tips.

Mohawk Braid

This punk-inspired hairstyle from the 1980s has been used by many celebrities and promises to keep rising this summer. To do it, separate the part of the hair that goes from the fringe to the beginning of the nape of the neck and begin to braid adding a little more hair until braiding everything that was reserved. To finalize lock it in a ponytail.

Braided Waterfall

Great for anyone who wants to wear loose hair or who has short hair. The braided cascade is made by separating a not very thick wick at the top of the head and dividing them into three parts. Next it is due to each braided loosen the wick from below and pull more hair.

Hair Bun with braid

Very practical and perfect hairstyle for “bad hair day”. To do it turn your head down and separate three strokes from the nape of the neck. Trance them by adding more hair to each braid. Do this until you reach the height you want to make the bun and fasten everything with a rubber band.

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