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Hair Transition

Hair Transition


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 Many women have taken on the natural texture of their hair thanks to the popularization of the so-called “hair transition”. In addition to empowering curly hair owners, getting rid of hair straightening chemicals can do the wires well. Despite the advantages of having the curls back, going through the transition process is not at all easy. The hair has two different textures and the natural part tends to leave the root higher than the smoothed part, making it difficult to store the hair in the day to day.
 If you are willing to have your natural locks back know that it will take a lot of patience and willpower not to surrender to straightening again. Understanding that each hair has a different growth time is important so you do not put a deadline at the end of your transition and discourage yourself if you do not reach it.
 Choosing a hairstyle that helps disguise the difference between natural and straight hair and make texturizing to shape curls with the help of creams are tips that work, because at this stage it is necessary to avoid to the almost abuse of the hair iron and dryer that leave the hair even more fragile and prone to breakage.
Some women prefer to shorten the process and cut the hair to remove the part with chemistry, is the so-called “big chop” or large cut. This cut can modernize the look, but also requires care to stay in line. Choosing a chopper or not, having a professional accompany your transition helps you discover the best products and care for your type of yarn, and strengthens the root for your new hair to grow healthy.
 The ideal is to come to the salon to hydrate the hair weekly and do reconstruction every 15 days to recover the hair and restore the fluids and nutrients that the hair needs to have brightness, softness and life. Count on the EC HAIR SALON team to have beautiful hair with or without chemistry.

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