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Inspiration: Catwalk Hair

Inspiration: Catwalk Hair


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Today’s post is an inspiration coming straight from the catwalks to styling the hair. In this season the ponytail returns to be the protagonist, along with the hair drained back with air of “wet”. Check it:
 In the Christopher Kane parade, the makeup and hair followed the minimalist style, the tip to reproduce the hairstyle is to spray water and apply a small amount of wet liquid gel from the root to the nape and comb back. Attention to the chosen comb: the distance between the teeth defines the design of your look. Finish with gloss spray.
 The back-wove hair was also present at the Baja East Fall / Winter 2017 parade. The stylist separated two strands behind the ears, applied gel and used the dryer to fix the hair back.
 The sophisticated look of the Carolina Herrera parade can be reproduced in an easy way: just clip the hair and divide it sideways. Use a thin catch to make the ponytail too low. Apply spray to secure and make sure no wire is misaligned.
 The ponytail got an interesting twist on the Balmain parade. Incorporate three braids that start from the root and end at the nape of the neck with the low ponytail and wrap a small wick to hide the elastic, securing it with a clamp.
 The model’s hairstyle in the Jenny Packham parade was made using mousse and hair dryer to give texture and volume to the hair. The curls were on babyliss’s and the fringe was twisted to the ends so that she could find the other strand in the back of her hair and joined with small knots. The hairstyle was finished with spray to fix everything in place.
 Reproduce the glamorous look of the Brandon Maxwell parade: use a thick babyliss to make waves and add dry shampoo to give volume to the locks. In the root pull with a thin comb back and to fix everything in place use spray.
How about adopting a catwalk style for your next event? Count on the EC Hair Salon to be part of your beauty team!

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