Um leque de opções para deixar você ainda mais bela.


Babyliss, in addition to giving volume and movement to straight hair, can also be used to reduce the volume and define curly and armed hair curls. In addition, the technique is perfect for elaborate h

Color for Men

Men can also color their hair and practice comes, little by little, becoming more common. The male coloring application can aim to hide the white wires or change the original tone of the hair, rejuven

Full Highlights, Parcial Highlights

To leave the threads with touches of blonde, but without dying them completely, Emerson Cristiano offers three techniques: Highlights: technique more suitable for women who want to give a touch of fre

Hydration Treatments

Moisturizing the wires regularly can make all the difference in your hair. The EC Hair Salon team recognizes the type of yarn and the needs it has to offer the ideal type of hydration for each hair. K

Hair Reconstruction

Hair reconstruction has been the salvation of many women who abuse every day with the use of chemical dyes, straighteners and relaxations, flat iron and hair drier, which damage the threads leaving th


From the classic to the innovative, the EC Hair Salon team uses a new generation of products giving balance to the art of modeling and innovation to give prominence and elegance to your hairstyle. Bri

Hair Extension (Mega Hair)

Mega hair is an option for those who want to change from short hair to long hair in a few hours. Our stretches are made with natural hair carefully chosen to match the tone of your hair. After applyin


EC Hair Salon works with the Brazilian technique, which is preferred by women because of its natural appearance. In addition, we offer the service of eyebrow design, where professionals draw a model s