Um leque de opções para deixar você ainda mais bela.

Eyebrow Color

With the appearance of the white hairs on the eyebrows, many people choose to remove hairs, which generate faults and affect the hair growth cycle. Therefore, the technique of eyebrow coloring is the

Make Up

Emerson Cristiano's professionals use advanced makeup techniques as well as high quality products to enhance the beauty of each woman. From simple to elaborate makeup, the technique includes a cl


Sanding, peeling, enameling, decorating ... All this you find in Emerson Cristiano. The manicures follow the Brazilian line to leave the hands of the clients impeccable. We perform all services for co


EC Hair Salon offers individual kits to maintain the asepsis of the feet, with disposable products and sterilized according to hygiene recommendations. - Pedicure - Podiatry - Foot Spa


In Brazil, it is very common to remove almost all the hairs from the female intimate region, preserving only a thin fillet of hairs in the frontal region or even the total removal of hairs. Known as B


To have smooth armpits, there is no other way: women need to undergo epilation. To have the desired effect, it is important to choose a technique that fits your skin's needs. The EC Hair Salon wo


Depilating the flu is part of the care with the vanity of most women. There are several techniques for hair removal. Some women prefer the method of removing hair by tweezers because they feel the pai