Eyelash extension

Eyelash extension is a technique that does not work with tufts, but separate silk threads, glued directly to the eyelashes 0.2 cm from the skin. Due to this peculiarity technique, it is necessary to have cilia with healthy threads, neither very young or at the end of the life, so that one can do the stretching. The final appearance will depend on the amount of natural threads of each customer. The classic technique provides elongation, with threads slightly thicker than the natural.

Eyebrow microblanding

Eyebrow microblanding is a technique that consists of drawing eyebrows in the face with realistic wires and more curved shapes. The microblading is done with a device called tebori, a pen with a blade with several needles in the tip, so it is a technique with light wires, as it is done manually, without interference of machines.

Men Cut

Men are becoming more vain and a good haircut makes a difference in the look. Here  men  can choose between scissors, machine and razor to change the look

Women Cut

Everyone knows that a haircut can transform a woman. But did you know that the shape of the face interferes with the choice for the ideal cut? Emerson Cristiano has certain professionals to help in choosing the perfect cut for you and also to keep your cut perfect.

Child Cut

At EC Hair Salon, boys can do the most radical haircuts. On the other hand, the girls have the most modern options of cuts with direct finishing to give a shine in the hair.

Blow Dry

Nothing better than a beautiful brushing to show the result of a cut or chemical procedure. You can transform your look and have straight or curly hair with the help of Emerson Cristiano’s team, eliminating frizz and unwanted hair.


Many women look for hair straightening techniques, but end up not having the expected effect or the procedure does not last a satisfactory time. Emerson Cristiano analyzes his hair to recognize the type of yarn root to choose the most efficient method. The procedure lasts 1 to 3 hours, depending on the type of hair.


The Keratin is a method of temporary smoothing and reduction of hair volume, also decreasing frizz. Each time this procedure is performed, hair has better results and should be redone every three months. Emerson Cristiano works with a progressive brush without formaldehyde, which leaves the yarns smooth, shiny and moving.


Babyliss, in addition to giving volume and movement to straight hair, can also be used to reduce the volume and define curly and armed hair curls. In addition, the technique is perfect for elaborate hairstyles and touch-ups in existing curls. The babyliss is perfect for varying the look and get away from the smooth and drained look.

Color for Men

Men can also color their hair and practice comes, little by little, becoming more common. The male coloring application can aim to hide the white wires or change the original tone of the hair, rejuvenating without coloring 100% of the wires.