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The right bangs for you

The right bangs for you


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Each face has its particularity, the right haircut can enhance, highlight the best features and lengthen the silhouette, so a poorly made cut can bring bad aesthetic results and highlight imperfections. The bangs are a subtle change that can make allt he difference in the look, but you should observe your hair type and face shape to match with you and enhance your beauty even more, so in today’s post we brought tips to inspire your next appointment to the salon.

Straight long strip

This type of bangs, the trademark of the actress Zooey Deschanel, is characterized by long and bulky yarns that almost cover the eyes and reminiscent of the 60’s. It can bring joviality or leave the look very childish, depending on the style of the person. Ideal for women with the oval face. It can accentuate expression marks, due to the shadow that forms on the face and evidence the round shape of the face of some women.

Bangs above eyebrow

Also called “baby bangs” can give a bold and alternative touch to the look and frame the face. Great bet for those with a square or rounded face. Align the silhouette by leaving part of the forehead on display. It should be avoided by owners of very large locks.

Curtain strip

This bangs is the most democratic and does not ask for much maintenance. It is characterized by the irregular shape that starts smaller and gets larger in the outline of the face. It can be used by women with a thin face or large forehead, since the irregularity of the wires leaves the facial shape more harmonic and less elongated.

Asymmetric strip

Defined by having a smaller side while the other is a little larger, it leaves the look romantic yet modern. Great for most face shapes, especially ovals or squares. It is versatile by allowing “hide” the bangs by changing the hair aside.

Curly bangs

Who has curly hair can wear bangs, yes! The look reminiscent of the 80’s and is on the rise. The cut can help disguise details such as fine lines or small eyebrows, as well as accentuate the cheekbones and eyes.

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